Treasure chest placed next to the Sanctuary of the Sacro Monte of Varese, is the oldest museum in Varese that can still be visited.

The collection of paintings by Giuseppe Baroffio Dall’Aglio and an art section of the twentieth century, born with the last overall restoration of the Museum, join the extraordinary historical and artistic collection of Santa Maria del Monte. 
The internal articulation moves on three floors, in a varied and surprising path: bright rooms of the twentieth-century building alternate with small suggestive rooms, which run hidden under the Sanctuary of the Sacro Monte of Varese, with remains of fifteenth-century frescoes.

The visit allows you to discover the history of the Sacred Mount, with authentic masterpieces of Lombard art, from the Middle Ages to the eighteenth century (not only paintings, but also miniatures, drawings, sculptures, ceramics, coins, fabrics and embroidery) and at the same time to fly far, in the wake of the many Flemish and Dutch paintings donated by Baroffio, or to some protagonists of European art of the twentieth century, such as Henri Matisse and Georges Rouault.

Thanks to the Marian theme room, commissioned by Monsignor Pasquale Macchi with more than sixty works by well-known twentieth-century artists, a special look is offered to authors who have also worked on the Sacro Monte such as Renato Guttuso, Floriano Bodini, Enrico Manfrini, Trento Longaretti . 
The private terrace of the Museum, accessible by reservation, offers a very wide view of the panorama, but also unique views of the village and an unusual perspective on the Sanctuary and its bell tower, suspended between heaven and earth.

The Museum is animated by cultural initiatives and educational activities aimed at different types of public (adults, schools, families, the disabled, foreigners).
Alongside the visit to the permanent collections, a rich calendar of events, in-depth visits, free thematic itineraries, routes and workshops for children are offered.

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