The “Campo dei Fiori” Regional Natural Park is located a few kilometers north of the city of Varese. Established in 1984 and expanded in 2009, the Campo dei Fiori in Varese covers approximately 6,300 hectares in the territory of 17 municipalities and 2 Mountain Communities in the Province of Varese and also boasts an Astronomical Observatory.

It dominates the hills of Varese and the Po Valley and is bordered to the north-west by Valcuvia, to the east by Valganna and to the south by the city of Varese. 

It includes two important massifs, the Campo dei Fiori and the Martica, separated from the Valle della Rasa, from where Olona originates. 

The particular geographical position and the geological characteristics have favored the establishment of a very varied vegetation, with chestnut and beech woods, areas of rupicolous flora and wet areas, rich in faunal presences. 

Relevant historical and architectural features, such as the Sacro Monte di Varese complex (Unesco Heritage), the Grande Albergo, the Liberty villas, the Badia di Ganna and the Rocca di Orino.

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