The engraved rock art in Val Camonica and the traditions of Bienno

Price per person: € 70
The price includes: Tourist bus – Local guide available for the whole tour – Typical lunch in a farmhouse with drinks included – Legal insurance. Minimum 40 people

1- Breakfast at the hotel and departure for Capo di Ponte, arrival at 9.30 a.m.
Guided tour of the National Park of Rock Engravings located in Capo di Ponte.

History in the Rock. More than 300,000 rock engravings, currently known on hundreds of rocks, make the Camonica Valley an extraordinary theatre of rock art, so much so that in 1979 it was included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. The Sanctuary par excellence is the hill of Naquane located in Capo di Ponte. More than 100 rocks, some of which are majestic, emerge from the hilly back, in an environment of splendid pre-alpine nature.
Shady paths, snaking among birches, ashes, firs, chestnuts and larches, take you on a surprising discovery of the ancient signs, immersed in the quiet silence of a fully protected place. Here, in 1955, the Italian State founded the Capo di Ponte Rock Engravings National Park: 30 hectares of open-air museum. The rocks of the park, formed about 180-225 million years ago by large accumulations of sand, were smoothed by the glaciations that followed in the last two million years.
On these rocks, found smooth and suitable, prehistoric man has performed ritual figures engraving them with stone and metal tools over centuries and millennia. More than a thousand figures adorn the jewel of Naquane, the Great Rock, a majestic sacred altar, an imposing archive of news for contemporary man. The rock drawings in Valcamonica cover a very long period of time, from the Epipaleolithic (about 10,000 years BC) to the arrival of the Roman Legion at the end of the I century BC.

2 – At 12.30 am transfer to Bienno for a typical lunch at the restaurant AL MULI’

Bienno, in dialect “Bién”, is an ancient village located in the Province of Brescia, in the middle Camonica Valley, which has become famous as being awarded the title of “One of the most beautiful villages in Italy”, thanks to its many beauties, the shady alleys, the picturesque courtyards, the frescoed churches, the green mountains and the lush hills that surround it.
Walking through its alleys, the tourist can touch with his own hands the evidence of the ancient and solid work culture of Bienno, based on ironwork: still today, entering the historic forges, you can watch live the ironworking, whose secrets have been handed down from generation to generation by the Fraer, becoming an indelible heritage of Bienno’s culture.

But Bienno is not only “the Village where the time has stopped”: it is also a place where past and present come together, where the indelible traces of an historical and artistic tradition intertwine with the new forms of art proposed by the artists of the ” Bienno Borgo degli Artisti” project.
The village has thus become a fascinating and rich “open-air museum”, fascinating to discover and impossible to forget.
“Give the ones you love wings to fly, roots to come back and reasons to stay.” Dalai Lama


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